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Separation of Church and State We believe in freedom of religion, freedom for religion, and freedom from religion. We support the separation of church and state. I have God now and I have my faith.…

Local Church We believe Baptist churches are free, under the Lordship of Christ, to determine membership and leadership, to order their worship and work, to ordain whomever they perceive as gifted and called for ministry,…

We affirm the freedom and responsibility of every person to relate directly to God without imposition of creed or the control of clergy or government.

We believe that salvation comes not by works, but by the grace received through faith in Christ and accepted in baptism.

We believe in the authority of the scripture. We affirm the freedom and right of every Christian to interpret and apply scripture under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

The tie that binds us is our common faith in Jesus Christ and the salvation found in Him.

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