@ Locust Grove

The Vision

Invite God to spark a season of Jubilee. 

The Process

Raise $1.5 million over three years.

The Result

Apply 50% to debt and 50% to facility repairs and renovations.

Create a culture of generosity while preparing us for God’s work. 

Jubilee is a season of vision and generosity at Locust Grove, in which we hope to eliminate our debt and renovate our church campus for ministry in the next generation. As of April 18, 2017, we have reduced the balance on our mortgage from 1.2 million to $30,233!  Phase 1 of our renovation project was completed in 2014 in the preschool, children, and youth areas and Phase II in the fellowship hall and office areas was completed in 2015. Renovations in the Christian Life Center are taking place during the Spring of 2017.


Newly Renovated Children’s Area



Youth Area


New Youth Area



If you would like to listen to the 4-part Jubilee sermon series, it can be found here.