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The Cost of Being Different

Posted on June 8, 2012 | By Robby White

The Face of Immigration in Alabama

Tonight I visited an undocumented couple in need of housing. They have a young son who they love and care for. He is the reason they came to Alabama. They wanted him to have a chance for a better life. He was born here in the United States and is a citizen. This young couple is hard working, decent, and afraid.

I don’t blame them for being afraid. They happen to live and work in Alabama. Our new law has been passed, and it has been made clear that folks like this couple are not welcome here. Alabama on the whole seems to be proud of its new law regarding immigration.

It would be easier if this issue would just go away, but it will not. The desperation of life in Mexico is greater than the fear of living in a hostile place. People come here for the chance to live. The only reason this couple is here is to give their son a chance at a better life.

As I stood in their front yard and heard their story and saw the fear and concern on their faces, I determined to quit pretending. This is no way to live. This is no way to raise a child. This is no way for a state that prides itself for being Christian and steeped in Southern hospitality to treat its neighbors.

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