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Snowing In Texas

Posted on December 25, 2009 | By Rob Collins

Another wonderful day here in Texas 🙂  The day has brought with it 2 inches of snow while my dear alabama friends are snowless.  strange.  even stranger is that yesterday the weather was sunny and warm, temperature in the mid 70s…i wore shorts and a tshirt most the day and ran my AC in the car!!!  Texas Weather…went from 70s to 20s in 24 hours! LOL

Yesterday i spent much of the day taking pictures of family and using my new flip video camera!  my neice Savanna was the subject of most of our pictures.  she would do something funny or silly, we’d take a picture of it, then my sister would look at the picture and laugh, then my mom, then my dad.  big smiles!

Latter that night Casey and I met with two dear friends of mine, Chuck and Janie Powell.  Casey and i left for downtown Fort Worth early, so that we could see all the xmas lights.  we made a pit stop at starbucks on main st.  while i was sitting there i notice an Asian family in front of me.  a young husband and wife with an adorable child.  Their daughter was being silly and they were taking pictures, of course.  the husband would hand his wife the camera so that she could see the picture, she would then laugh.  🙂

I know that Christ preached equality, that’s why i preach it.  I know that we are ALL made in God’s image.  I know that Jesus taught us to love one another.  but as i watched this family, those truths became even more evident and OBVIOUS.  We are really all alike.  We love and hate, smile and cry, we give birth and pass away.  We…thats the important word here.  everyone is always trying to divide humanity, highlight our differences and bury our similarities…  but WE are loved by God.  WE are created in God’s image.  Remember the story about a man robbed, beaten, and left to die on the side of the road?  Who was his neighbor?  the last person anyone would have guessed.  the samaritan was able to look past the differences…he saw that poor dying man just as he should have…with value.

Maybe that’s why Jesus taught us to love one another, maybe God – our Creator – understands us more than WE could ever comprehend!

This Christmas season i hope that all of us can start to see strangers as we should, our neighbors…especially the one we have the least in common with.

“For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.”  (Galatians 3:27)

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