Our Commitment To Serve

Our Commitment & Opportunities


Our Commitment To Serve

Locust Grove is a missional church with a deep commitment to spread the Kingdom of God in this world. We believe that following Christ and growing in maturity includes service to the community, those in need, and the church. We sponsor and promote a broad variety of opportunities to serve and express love of God and neighbor.

Local Missions

Our local missions team is focused on mission work within Madison County, Alabama. Our teams perform a variety of ongoing or special efforts that seek to address both the spiritual and physical needs of this community. Feeding the hungry, benevolence projects for those in crisis, building and repairing houses, disaster relief/emergency response, Lunches of Love, Shop With A Hero, Serving The City, and participation in medical outreach are some of the local projects we have sponsored or have participated in.

Persons of all ages and talents have taken advantage of these opportunities to serve God and help others. For more information, please contact Phillip Brown at pbrown520@gmail.com or the Locust Grove Office at (256) 379-2813.

International Missions

In 2012, Locust Grove began a long-term commitment to support and perform mission activity outside the United States. We have focused our efforts on support to Mission Firefly and in conducting frequent mission trips to an area in and around the village of Chuluc in Guatemala. This area is populated by descendants of the indigenous Mayan inhabitants, and most work as tenant farmers and live in conditions of poverty. The people of Locust Grove have been specially blessed to build genuine relationships with the adults and children of this community.

One important effort is our sponsorship program for the children of Chuluc. We solicit individuals to provide monthly contributions to a specific child in Chuluc, as well as communicate with their child on a regular basis. This ministry provides a basis of financial support that aims to enable these children to have educational opportunities that would otherwise not be possible.

We also lead week-long mission trips to Guatemala two to three times per year that perform a variety of services. We install water purification systems that have brought clean water to hundreds of people, build houses, hold teacher education training, conduct medical clinics to areas with no medical services, conduct Christian training for children and youth, and participate in worship services.

Please visit Locust Grove Baptist Church Missions on Facebook to see some of the exciting and important work that God is doing in Guatemala.

Church Support

Like any church, we depend on the efforts of our members in carrying out many operations that are vital to our church and services. Serving in our Children, Students, Life Groups, Music & Worship, Congregational Care, Hospitality, and Deacon ministries are just a few of the many ways that the people of Locust Grove share their gifts and Christian witness with others.

We believe that service is best when it is an outgrowth of a vibrant relationship with Christ, a sense of belonging within the church, and a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Therefore, we strive to create an environment in which each person can find the role or roles that best fit their strengths and their current life situation. Our leadership team is committed to working with each individual to help them find the role and opportunities that will enable them to engage in meaningful service to God’s Kingdom.

Opportunities to Serve

Please take a moment to explore all the Ministry Opportunities within our church family by downloading the Opportunities-for-Service-Ministry-Guide. Within these pages, you will find the details about all the ministries listed and who to contact to get more information. This guide is to help you align your call with areas of service to Christ’s body at Locust Grove, the local community, and the world at large.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Please contact the church office at 256-379-2813 for follow-up.


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