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Preaching in a Onesy?

Posted on September 7, 2010 | By Rob Collins

David Platt, in his new book Radical, points out a dilemma that he faced when becoming the Pastor of a megachurch. He says that his model for ministry is Jesus, who is really more like the Pastor of a minichurch! I understand this dilemma that David faces; I still struggle with it every day. I suppose that all Christians struggle with being like Christ; but for me, as a minister, it is quite convicting. If I actually looked like Christ in every aspect of my ministry, could I get hired as a minister?  Am I really prepared to follow Christ’s life as my own?  When I first responded to this call, I started preaching fairly young, 16 I think. I wore a suit and tie nearly every time. I made sure to look as good as I possibly could. I also had an ego problem. I was sure that I would be a great preacher. I was PROUD to be a good speaker, and loved looking sharp from the pulpit. Eventually, while I was in college, I realized that I judged people by what they wore. I judged people for all sorts of reasons! I wanted to change, I tried to change. It wasn’t a conscious decision but part of that change took place in my clothing.

I stopped worrying about looking great, and started focusing on preaching truth and honesty. I wanted to be more like Christ. Jesus had no home. He lived a poor life. He wore no suits and had no vehicle. Jesus wasn’t a slob by any means. But his focus was/is on the will of the Father. So my focus needs to be on the will of the Father. I don’t believe it’s necessary to start tossing out our cars. Nor do I think we all need to be homeless or dress like bums. And I have no plans on every preaching in a onesy! LOL

But the life of Christ should put into perspective our own lives! And it is a challenge to me in my life! What are some things that you value too highly? In what part of your life do you need humility? For me, it’s still the same thing. I need to remember that Christ is my model for life; that all good things come from God (not me!); and that I should strive to see people with the same grace that my God sees them.    -just a ragamuffin-

Rob Collins
Pastor of Students
Locust Grove Baptist Church

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