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Posted on August 24, 2021 | By Robby White


I went for a walk this morning and listened to a podcast. One of the speakers on the podcast is a pastor and writer. He was describing a dark and difficult season he had gone through. In the midst of that time he sent a text to a friend describing his struggle. He said he expected a message back that was comforting and supportive. Instead, this is the message he received–

Don’t give the Enemy a seat at your table.

That was the only message his friend sent him that day. Finally, he took the time to reflect on the message his friend had sent him. It begin to dawn on him, that was exactly what he had been doing. Instead of taking responsibility for his own attitude and actions, he had allowed the Enemy a seat at the table.

The Enemy will try and convince you that you are a victim, without support or help. The Enemy will lead you down a path of negativity and without you realizing it, will rob you of joy in your own house. You become a cynic, critical of everyone and everything. The Enemy wants you to forget who you are.

All of us should remember who we are. Especially in difficult times in life. We are never alone without help or support. We are embraced by Christ in God’s great love. We are children of a King who rules with love and grace. He is always there with us.

The Enemy does not want you to believe this because he will lose his place at the table. He would rather you think that you are alone and without help.

It becomes a matter of perspective–who will you invite to your table? Who will you listen to?

We are in a difficult season with the pandemic. Maybe on top of that you are going through some other struggle. It is easy to let things add up.

After listening to that podcast, I came home and wrote this note to myself–

Quit acting like an orphan that has to beg and remember that you are the son of a King with everything you need. Don’t allow the Enemy a seat at your table-he will take everything that is rightfully yours.


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