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Message from our pastor concerning the coronavirus (Updated 3/16/20)

Updated on March 16, 2020 | By Linda Hill

Dear friends,

We will not have Wednesday or Sunday services or any other activities at the church for the coming weeks. Instead, we will make good use of social media and technology to find ways to encourage and serve one another. The church office will be open Monday and Wednesday this week. Our staff will be working from home the rest of the week. If you know of any ministry needs, please let us know. All staff can be reached through chat messages on Realm or at the email addresses listed below. If you don’t have a Realm account and would like help setting one up, please contact Linda Hill at the email address below.

We will be posting weekly updates and also send instructions on how you can join us for online worship and Bible study.  If you are not currently on our email distribution list and would like to be added, please send a request to Linda Hill and she will be happy to add you. It will be important for all of us to continue to support the ministry of the church during this time. The link below this message provides detailed information on how you can give online. If you are not comfortable with online giving, you can always mail a check to the following address:
171 County Lake Road   New Market, AL 35761

Stay safe and well.

This is a time to rise up and shine with the love and encouragement of Christ!

Your pastor,

Contact Information for Staff Members:

Robby White –
Jordan Lawson –
Lesha Everett –
Robin & Stephanie Wright –
Joy Witte –
Linda Hill –
Jenny Naumann –
Nora Curry –
Brenda Bethune –
Debbie Cantrell or Shirley Brady –

Your pastor,


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