Music Ministry

at Locust Grove

Choir & Vocal Groups

Haven’t you waited long enough? You’re just a phone call away from being a part of our exciting Worship & Arts Ministry! Be a part of leading corporate worship every Sunday, make new friends, sing great music and join in on special events held throughout the year.

That just begins to describe the experience you’ll have in one of our choirs and vocal groups. There are many opportunities to be a part of this exciting ministry that has such a dynamic impact each week on so those who come to worship here at Locust Grove.

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Instrumental Groups

At Locust Grove, we are blessed with a large number of members and guests who share a passion for music, the talent to play an instrument, and a desire to worship God.

Whether blended into an 18-piece orchestra, candle-lit in a small ensemble, or spotlit on a darkened stage with a single guitar, these special individuals add power, reflection and intimacy to our corporate and small group worship.

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Media Arts

At Locust Grove, worship is one of our top ministry priorities. Our Media Ministry is key in providing our members and guests with a rich, meaningful worship experience.

Ironically, the goal of the staff and volunteers within the Media Ministry is to make their time and efforts as invisible to worshipers as possible. We are grateful for their selfless commitment and hard work.

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