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Posted on January 3, 2013 | By Robby White

The following article is one I found on Tumblr—-I thought it was worth sharing.

I attended a lecture this week that was by no means groundbreaking in originality, but immensely refreshing to hear.  In the midst of a discussion about parables, my Bible professor noted, “A faith that is centered upon getting into heaven is the most selfish form of religion.  I do not understand how someone could honestly believe that getting into heaven is all there is to Christianity because Jesus emphasizes that faith is about how we live our lives at this very moment.”  The instructor continued to speak about this idea in relation to the gospels, but I found this phrase to be a great summary of the Bible as a whole.  My professor highlights the key concept that salvation is an unfolding reality that involves the entirety of a person.  While heaven is in this process, it is necessary to understand that redemption must involve life at this moment.  To distill faith in Jesus down to a destination disregards the action of faith one’s life.  A relationship with Jesus is meant to transform one’s interaction with family, friends, work, and every other facet of life.  Finally, ignoring the immediacy of the Gospel makes faith about the self rather than about God.  Overall, avoid selfish religion and realize that God offers every person a chance to partner with him each moment in the making of all things new.

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