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Faith Matters—Anchored and Free

Posted on January 11, 2013 | By Robby White

E. Stanley Jones was a Methodist missionary in India. He became a light of love and grace that earned the respect of many people. He had influence with many leaders in India, including Gandhi. The witness of Christ that Jones lived out still provides an example for all of us.
In his autobiography, A Song of Ascents, Jones describes an insight into the source of his spiritual strength. “After about a year I began to take stock of where I had come out. I had offered the securities of my faith on the altar of freedom and found to my surprise and delight that all that I had offered had come back to me, now no longer nervously held; they held me, held me with the consent of all my being. I was free–free to explore, to appropriate any good, any truth found anywhere, for I belonged to the Truth–to Jesus Christ. My one point of the compass was on Jesus, and the other point could swing as far into truth as it was able. For I was anchored–and free!”
That will be the approach of this blog—we will explore issues and ideas of our times—some of them will be challenging yet we will do so as people who are anchored and free. I look forward to your insights and comments. Let the journey begin!



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