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Daily Readings for March 3, 2018

Posted on March 3, 2018 | By Sam Hawkins

Today’s readings from Exodus and the Gospel of Mark continue the theme of humanity discovering itself to be in God’s presence. Lent is a season in which we contemplate what it means to live before God. As the two mountain-top experiences of the Israelites at Mount Sinai and the disciples at Mount  Tabor show, the revelation of God’s presence can be jarring. We naturally settle into the “normality” of human living, and therefore the powerful recognition of the Divine presence disorients us. By disrupting our normal routines, Lent reminds us that in following Christ, we must be willing to be disoriented. We must be willing to give ourselves to the Divine power that is beyond our human comprehension, and be transformed by the encounter.

Link to Today’s Readings from the Revised Common Lectionary

Psalm 19

Exodus 19:16-25

Mark 9:2-8

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