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Collecting Hobbies!

Posted on August 31, 2009 | By Rob Collins

I don’t know about you, but i love new hobbies.  Not sure what it is about starting a new hobby; but i’d guess that its the excitment.  there’s just something exciting about starting new thing…the possibility of all the fun that could be had with such a hobby…and the chance i could be awesome at IT.  ha ha

oil painting, guitar, saxaphone, hunting, frisbee golf, fishing, tennis, etc etc…all those hobbies make up the long random list of stuff i tried or thought about trying.  lol and i’m sure i’ll have more soon.

Actually i’ve just started a brand new hobby…GOLF!

i know it sounds dorky…but i don’t care.  i love it, golf is soooo much fun.  wow, seriously i had a blast playing.  its a strange hobby too, because alot of people play golf, but hardley anybody is good at it. hahaha  and i’ll be playing, very very badly, but i’ll hit one good shot…straight and far…and i’m having a blast! ha its a crazy world.

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