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A Snow Day Sermon for You and Yours

Posted on December 26, 2010 | By Rob Collins

It was the day after Christmas all through the land, snow was falling and ruined Rob’s plans. 

He had a wonderful sermon with both laughter and joy, it was going to be fun for every girl and boy. 

But the weather was really bad, the icy roads made Rob nervous, so he called Pastor Robby, and they canceled the service.

So enjoy this day at home with your family on a very cold Sunday, and don’t forget that we all need to tithe on Monday!


Sometimes our plans don’t work out the way that we believe they are supposed to.  Maybe that is fitting for the day after Christmas.  Since the messiah had finally come to save everyone.  Yet he didn’t come in the way that everyone thought he should, as a prince or a warrior.  He came as a poor child of humble parents and surroundings.

So even though things don’t always go the way that I want them to; I have hope that God is working it out in His own way, with His perfect love.

May you find yourself blessedly stuck at home with your family this day!

-merry Christmas-
Rob Collins

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